I have a huge fascination with the illusion of light and how Vermeer, Sir Francis and Frederic Soulacroix painted drapery. Rembrandt did it so well with the jewelry and effects of light on the jewelry and all of the metallic items that one could almost reach out and touch it, Sargent also played with the light so beautifully, I love how he painted the tents and the light passing through the fabric and his work is especially close to my heart as he painted in watercolours and it is the medium I choose to work in. It’s hard to believe how important art is and the way these masters painted these effects that it altered the human experience of even the smallest thing life has to offer. 

I adore Maxfield Perrish for his stunning use of colour and the sense of temperature, the effects he was able to achieve with his elaborate techniques and intricate way of glazing. While looking at a Maxfield Perrish painting I can feel the warmth of the light as if I am inside of the painting, standing right there and would never want to leave. In my opinion, nobody can paint landscapes as he did. He makes it so believable yet so surreal and fantasy like all at the same time.

Being an Indian I grew up listening to the Indian mythological stories and Raja Ravi Verma was the first person in the history to give those characters their faces and did it so well that it left the entire nation in awe, he changed the way India worshipped by making his prints available to the masses. He was the first artist in India who held an art exhibition for the common people before him it was only available to the royals and the riches. The fascinating thing about his work was that he caught the fleeting moments from the epics Ramayan and Mahabharat and rendered it immortal. 

I wish to follow all these master artists in some way or the other as they have left a huge ocean of knowledge to learn from and as the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow beautifully stated in his poem- A Psalm of Life, 

“Lives of great men all remind us,

We can make our lives sublime,

And departing leave behind us 

Footprints on the sand of time;” 

They indeed left their glorious footprints for us to follow and in doing so discovering ourselves better every day…


A Tent in the Rockies author: John Singer Sargent – technique: watercolour – date of creation: 1916









Mohini author: Raja Ravi Verma – technique: oil painting – date of creation: 1894



Jatayu Vadham author: Raja Ravi Verma – technique: oil painting – date of creation: 1895




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